Major Characteristics

Master of Divinity Program

The EBTC Master of Divinity program is designed to help international students, mainly in Europe, pursue further studies on a Master’s level, after graduation from their TMAI Training Center or a similar Bible training center in their country. For most European students it is not possible to go to the US to pursue any further studies on a Master’s level because of both the financial and logistical difficulties. Still, European nations need trained men who will proclaim God’s Word faithfully with the best theological education possible.

Based on these considerations, the EBTC has designed a truly unique M.Div. program that is not only accessible to European students, but that also has affordable tuition, flexible enrollment, internationally credible Master’s level education through TMAI, and intentional mentorship. Built upon the Word of God, this program is devoted to equipping faithful men of God for the work of the ministry.

Here are some of the special characteristics of the EBTC program, which will be explained in detail in this catalog:

  • Accessible – It was the desire of EBTC to design a Master’s program, where students do not have to move abroad to study on a Master’s level, but rather stay in their home country, in their ministries at church, in their jobs, and still be able to get an excellent Master’s education. To accomplish this the EBTC has designed a bi-vocational M.Div. program that seeks to include all European TMAI training centers and The Master’s Seminary as study locations for the M.Div. program. The classes will not only be at the main campus at the EBTC in Germany, but also in Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, and Albania to reduce the student’s traveling burden. This will give each student a great insight into the work of the ministry around the globe as he interacts with the different training centers, builds up new relationships, and as he broadens his view and understanding of the ministry of the Word around the world. The EBTC seeks to make the M.Div. program as accessible as possible, so that European students are able to enroll in the program, without neglecting their own ministry at home.
  • Affordable – Master’s studies abroad are expensive and usually include significant costs beyond tuition such as the expense of relocation and the high rates of the housing markets near universities. It was the goal of the EBTC to design an affordable program that keeps tuition as low as possible while at the same time maintaining excellence commensurate with a Master’s level education. Tuition charges paid by students of the EBTC M.Div. program cover nearly one-half of the normal operating expenses, so each student automatically receives a scholarship due to reduced tuition, to keep the program as affordable as possible.
  • Flexible – The EBTC M.Div. program is a six-year cycle with different enrollment possibilities that makes this program very flexible for European ministers who also have to work a full-time job. If certain requirements are fulfilled, the enrollment in the M.Div. program is almost in every year possible and classes can be transferred, in order to help each student to fulfill the graduation requirements. Because the M.Div. program is bi-vocational, classes are usually less than one week long and occur usually every two months. The intention of this arrangement is to keep the amount of travel and vacation days as low as possible so that students have the ability to attend every class. To fulfill this goal, the EBTC has developed distance education methods and resources such as live-online classes with a live online class setting and traditional online classes with recorded lecture material.
  • Credible – The EBTC has designed a M.Div. program that fulfills the international standards for the credit unit system, classes, workload, and the professors. The Master of Divinity degree through the EBTC is therefore internationally accepted at all partnering seminaries and Bible institutions worldwide. This will help each student of the EBTC M.Div. program in transferring units to other Bible institutions for any kind of further or continuing studies.
  • Intentional – One of the highest goals of the EBTC M.Div. program is to mentor each student. In our times, online educational programs usually lack intentional interaction and communication with the student. Each student of the EBTC M.Div. program will have a mentor who will disciple, lead, supervise, and oversee the student during the time of study. Mentors will serve as a connecting point between the student and the M.Div. administration. The goal of the EBTC is not to raise up more academics with head-knowledge, rather to build up faithful men of God who put the truth into practice in their own lives, in their families, and in their ministries for the glory of God.